Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pre order for "Blood Stained Lives"!

Lots of excitement today for me. I started taking pre orders for the print edition of "Blood Stained Lives"! so if you have enjoyed the information I have shared with you on here so far then check out my order page at

Here is a blurb for everyone.

Namon is a young man who has the weight of a very important destiny resting on his shoulders. He is one of the last White Wolves, a rare type of werewolf blessed with holy powers to protect humanity from creatures in the darkness.

Aluana, a beautiful mysterious vampire with no memory of her past, struggling to discover her origins and find her place in the world. She not only hungers for answers but also for love, that as far as she knows, she has yet to experience.

When the two of them meet they immediately feel drawn to one another. However, the only question that remains is: Can their love survive not only his destiny, but the upcoming apocalypse. Not to mention the release of the demonic dragon. Galamythe.

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